Why go Organic?

Here at Ahead with Organics, as professionals, we think it is vital that your hair’s inner structure should be protected and maintained with no compromise to your health while still getting Hairdresser quality results. We have chosen the Organic Colour Systems  to use in our salon because we believe in everything they stand for. The Organic Care Systems range of effective care products has not only been designed to repair, soften and maintain beautiful hair, but to work as a partner to the  Curl and Colour Systems.

Organic Colour Systems is the first and only range of long-lasting permanent hair colours on the market today containing certified organic and naturally derived ingredients and has been formulated to completely cover grey hair. As the colours contain NO AMMONIA, PARABENS, RESORCINOL OR SULPHATES there is no skin staining, burning, itchy scalp and no cuticle damage either so your hair will retain its colour much longer.

‘OCS’ has a beautiful colour range that are all intermixable allowing us to create a colour personally to suit you, still with 100% grey coverage. Our unique blend of certified organic extracts and vitamins E and C, combined with plant-derived conditioners, will enhance, protect and moisturise as the hair is coloured by working on a much lower PH therefore reducing colour fade and hair damage.

Certified organic ingredients have been used to create a product that will ensure the best and correct results, while protecting and caring for the hair and scalp.

The inclusion of natural sunflower extracts in these products maintains the hair’s natural strength while protecting coloured hair from UV damage.

The principle underlying OCS is to bring to salons products that are as natural and gentle as possible, containing ingredients of the highest quality. The results are outstanding!

  • Contains certified organic ingredients – the natural way to moisturise and soothe, including calming and healing properties
  • Ammonia free – no damage to the hair’s structure during the colouring process, and no harmful fumes to be inhaled
  • Pharmaceutical grade peroxide – the highest quality available with lowest amount of irritation
  • Lowest percentage of PPDs – reduces the risk of allergic reaction
  • Uses a naturally derived base, eliminating the dangers of exposure to chemicals
  • Maintains the normal pH of hair – Longer lasting colours with reduced fade

OCS itself is an amazing company with an ongoing philosophy to caring for the planet, Ceres, who import OCS are the 1st in NZ to gain the 5 Star Green Award for their building in Auckland.

We at Ahead with Organics use ‘Refoil Foils’ which are made from recycled Aluminium and recycled after we use them too so none go to the tip.

The Naturalite Ammonia-Free Lightener gives gorgeous blondes both with foils and all over whilst maintaining healthy hair. No more breakage and no strong bleach odor, it actually smells of roses! Contains active wheat proteins that protect the hair’s structure, reducing the damage normally caused by conventional bleach giving us greater control over the degrees of lift required in achieving the correct shade of blonde to match the hair’s natural tones.

Our unique range of perming and straightening products transform the look of hair and make it naturally healthier. Most other products use harsh chemicals that damage hair in the perming and straightening process. Organic Curl Systems is different and suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair, as it naturally conditions and moisturises during the perming process using gentler ingredients (Cysteamin HCL and plant amino acids) with it’s 100% ammonia & thioglycolate free system. This creates curls with a uniquely natural feel, bounce and shine.