EstelleSenior Stylist/Salon Owner

    I’ve been hairdressing for more than 30 years now, previously owning ‘Checkers Salon’ at VIC corner and still love the excitement of styling and colouring hair. I completed an Aromatherapy Diploma 10 years ago and have always tried to use natural remedies as much as possible but found conflict with my work, all the chemicals I would be using on clients scalps and putting down the drains, how sore my hands were after washing colours off not to mention how itchy my own head was for a day or so after a colour.

    When I was first introduced to the ‘Organic C System’ I was very sceptical as most hairdressers are – how can this stuff do all it’s meant to without those nasty but needed chemicals? So we rounded up a few willing guinea pigs (including ourselves) and got stuck in with the new product colouring and foiling as many different combinations as we could. WOW! was an understatement! The more we used the more we couldn’t stop raving about this beautiful colour product. I had to decide whether there was enough interest to open an organic hair salon, not only using organic hair colours, perms and styling products but also recycling where possible and of course using friendly cleaning products too. With friends all commenting on their new colours, the amazing condition of their hair, re-growths somehow less noticeable and NO NASTY AMMONIA SMELLS, the decision was easy – NEW SALON AND GO ORGANIC!

    I love cutting curly hair & having it myself can relate to how hard it can be to get a hairdresser to understand curly hair does behave differently, shrinking more than others when cut. Come in and let me give you your best cut ever, or if you have straight hair try our ‘Organic Curl’ perm to achieve gorgeous, soft and bouncy, natural curls (no crazy tight 80’s perms any more.)